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To push or not to push

There is a button in the elevator here at the office, high on the wall, that is unmarked.

Every time I get on the elevator I wonder what it’s for and feel a great urge to push it, but so far I have not. I fear that it may silently call the police or fire department, or, you know, release the elevator car from the cable or something, and who needs that, right?

Still. I might need to push it…

If you never hear from me again, you can assume that pushing the button was a bad idea.

Tell the world my story!


(I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for the preceding blog article which was not at all interesting, timely, funny or enlightening. Refunds are available at the door.)


Truck stop for food geeks

They’re a relatively new sight in a lot of cities, but here in Los Angeles we have thousands of food trucks. The gourmet food truck is a pretty recent phenomenon, but we also have a history of lunch and taco trucks that goes back for decades. Taco trucks can be found every few blocks in many parts of the city, every night of the week.

Half a block from our office is the Chef’s Center of California, and every Friday they have a food fair which draws anywhere from five to seven gourmet food (and ice cream!) trucks to our back yard. The lineup changes almost every week and the event draws a lot of high-profile trucks like Nom Nom, the Banh Mi sandwich truck featured in last season’s Great Food Truck Race on the food network (they were there last Friday, as you can see in the picture below).

If you’re in the area, or are just curious, hungry or jealous, here are the trucks scheduled for this coming Friday:

Slammin’ Sliders
India Jones
Temaki Sushi Truck
Boba Truck
Paradise Cookies

See you there?


Open sesame


We have a lot of discussions and meetings about security. Not only back-end network security, but security of the customer interface, and security policies as far as communicating with customers.

If you have ever locked yourself out of an online account because you forgot a username or password, you know what a frustrating experience it can be to try to get that access back. At Winhost we have a system in place that is email and temporary password based, so you can usually regain access to your account without even contacting us. In the event that fails, you can always contact the billing department and provide the answer to your security question to regain access.


We are working on extending the authentication system even further to include a second security question. The meeting about that was interesting because there were as many different opinions on security as there were people in the room, and a common question becomes how much security is too much?

And like everyone in that meeting, every one of our customers also has a different idea of “perfect” security. The thing is, you cannot design and build a system that accommodates everyone’s idea of perfect security. It would have so many barriers to entry that it would be unusable. So we have to design systems that meet most people’s needs. Which means some people will find flaws with it…

“Why don’t you require a password change every thirty days for Control Panel?”

“Why can’t I enter a 255 character password?”

“Send me my login information, but do NOT send my username via email!”

“Can I register my retina scan with you, and then you don’t allow access to my account unless it is accompanied by a live retina scan that matches the retina scan that you have registered? Oh, and I’ll register a new retina scan with you every seven days. Please? Why not?!”

Okay, I made the last one up. But we’ve heard all the others. Some more than once.

We take security very seriously, but there is a line somewhere between ultra-strict security and usability, and we have to straddle that line to provide a usable service to a large number of people. That isn’t to say our security isn’t strict – I won’t bore you with our multitude of internal security policies regarding customer data and information – but we hope we provide a secure, yet user-friendly, experience.

And whatever you do, don’t make your account password, “password.” Okay? Really, just don’t do it.

Well hello there.

You have found the new Winhost blog. You must have a sixth sense about these kinds of things.

What do we intend to deliver?milkman

Okay, we may not deliver much in the way of scandalous gossip or milk, but I hope we can make this interesting enough to keep you coming back to see what’s new.

We like working at Winhost, and we hope that comes through in everything we do.