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.NET 6 Hosting is here

Announcement hosting

Microsoft released .NET 6.0 last month. We are happy to announce that .NET 6 hosting is now available on our hosting platform. You can use Visual Studio 2022 to deploy your .NET 6 applications using framework-dependent deployment.

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.NET Core 3 Hosting is Here


We’ve been getting many inquiries about .NET Core 3.0 and we are happy to let you know that we now support framework dependent deployment of .NET Core 3 projects at Winhost. core hosting

Some new features include general performance improvements, support for C# 8, support for .NET Standard 2.1, improvements for .NET Core Version APIs, tiered compilation, and ReadyToRun images.

We do maintain a list of the .NET Core versions that are supported on our ASP.NET hosting platform in our knowledge base. But remember, if you do not see the .NET Core version that you want to use on the list, you can always upload your application using a self-contained deployment. If you have any questions about deployment, please contact our Technical Support team.

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