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Winners of a year of free hosting announced


You’ve been asking us for the ability to auto-renew domain names, and now you can!

When we sent out the email notice of the availability of the new option we also mentioned that everyone who switched to automatic domain renewal would be eligible to win a free year of hosting.

Well we’ve chosen two winners, and they are Rodrigo Sandoval from Santiago, Chile and Bruce Roeser from Florida. Congratulations, gentlemen, and thanks for using Winhost!


Spring App Installer Updates


For those customers who just absolutely have to have the latest and greatest, here’s a list of updated applications available from the Winhost Control Panel:

More memory? More storage space? Okay, you’ve got it.


You’ve been telling us that you need more. More everything; space for your files, memory for your applications, so we put our heads together and said, “What can we do to make that happen?” The answer was simple: increase all the quotas! Now! So that’s what we did.

Okay, I’m making it sound a lot easier than it was. But over the past day or so we’ve rolled out new quotas for every Winhost plan. The changes are now in effect on all web and SQL servers.

Here are the details:

Site memory has increased to 500MB, a gain of 200MB
SQL database disk space has increased to 5GB, a gain of 2.5GB
Number of SQL databases is now unlimited
SQL database disk space has increased to 5GB, a gain of 2.5GB
Number of MySQL databases is now unlimited

Site memory has increased to 300MB, a gain of 100MB
SQL database disk space has increased to 2GB, a gain of 1GB
Number of SQL databases is now unlimited
MySQL database disk space has increased to 2GB, a gain of 1GB
Number of MySQL databases is now unlimited

SQL database disk space has increased to 500MB, a gain of 300MB
MySQL database disk space has increased to 500MB, a gain of 300MB

If you have any questions about these changes, just let us know. We want you to be able to grow at Winhost, and we hope that these quota increases help a lot of you do just that.

Go on now, get busy!

2014 App Installer Updates


The new year brings us a round of new applications.  Note that backups and management of your MySQL databases just got easier with a one click install of phpMyAdmin:

Control Panel updates


leversWe’ve made a few changes to the Control Panel that should make life easier for some of you power users out there.

First, if you have a large number of sites in an account, we have significantly sped up the
Order New Site
and Order New Domain Name functions. Now there is no need to go make a sandwich while those pages load. Though, if you think about it, it’s almost always a good time for a sandwich.

Next, if you’ve ever entered a DNS TXT record in Control Panel, you may have run into a 128 character limitation. We have increased the TXT record limit to 512 characters (the maximum the DNS system will accept).

Finally, if you like to mess around with DNS records in general (and really, who doesn’t?), there may have been a time when you thought, “Well, that was fun, but I wish I could just dump all these cool experiments that have made my site redirect to and somehow caused my email forward to the White House and just start over with a clean slate…” Well, now there is a Reset DNS button that does just what it claims to do – resets the DNS record for the site to our default settings. It’s cool, it’s powerful, and it will completely remove any customizations you’ve ever made, so use it carefully.

That’s it for now, but we’re always hard at work over here making the world a better place, so let us know if there is something we can do just for you.

Thanksgiving Updates


Give thanks for updated applications! Here are the App Installer updates for November:

Change is afoot


On November 11th, 2013 we are introducing some plan changes. Check your email for details. To summarize what’s happening:

Quota increases!

These increases will take place automatically on November 11th.


Changes to payment plans and prices

In order to make the plan changes, we are updating the pricing and payment options. You can find details in the plan change email.

While the quarterly and yearly payments will increase slightly, we have introduced a new two-year payment option that allows you to pay as little as $3.95 per month for the Basic plan. Even less than the old price.

The two-year payment option applies to every Winhost plan, so no matter which plan you use, you can decrease your monthly price by up to 20% by choosing the new two-year payment option.

And you can make the switch right now in Control Panel, before the new quotas and pricing go into effect on November 11th.

As we mentioned in the email, the price increase was a difficult decision for us. We never want to increase prices, but we want to continue to make improvements to the hosting services, and this will allow us to do that.

We hope the two-year payment option – which actually lowers current prices – and the quota increase will help ease the transition for some of you.

Google Checkout retiring November 11


Google announced that they would be closing Google Checkout over a year ago, but now they have announced the date when the service will close permanently; November 11, 2013.

If you use Google Checkout on your site they have a FAQ to help you transition to another system.