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Deploying a .NET Core 1.0 Application


Now that we support it, here’s a quick tutorial on how to deploy an ASP.NET Core 1.0 Application to Winhost using Web Deploy.


Please note that you cannot publish to a sub-directory using Web Deploy at this time due to a bug which Microsoft will correct at a later date.  If you want to publish your application to a sub-directory, you will need to use FTP.

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  • Ron Farko Reply


    Thanks for the information. I tried the steps explained in this blog but I’m getting an error saying “Could not connect to the remote computer”. I can send screenshots as well if that helps.

    One thing is that I need to deploy the site in a subfolder which I guess is not possible yet. Is there a way to do the ASP.Net core deployment manually using File System publish option?

    • Rei Tu Reply

      Hi Ron,

      Make sure your firewall is not blocking the connection (i.e. port 8172 is open). If you’re still having trouble, open a support ticket. And yes, you can use the File System publish option. Just publish your application locally, and then upload that to your Winhost account. You can’t publish to a sub-folder using Web Deploy, but you can publish it using FTP or File System option. It will work.

  • Henry H Delgado Reply

    Thanks for your help and the reference to this documentation.

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