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Feature of the Week: Changing Domains for a Hosting Account


This is the first in a series of weekly posts covering Control Panel features and procedures.

Have you been using a domain for your site and it’s no longer working for you?

Don’t fret – you can change the domain for your site easily in the Winhost Control Panel.

To make the domain change, log into your Control Panel and hit the Sites Tab.

Site Manager Winhost Control PanelIf you are hosting several Basic/Max/Ultimate Sites with us, then you’ll get a list of your Sites. Click on the Manage link for the Site you want to make an update, otherwise you will be taken to your Site dashboard.

At the bottom of the left panel section you see a Change Domain button. Click that button and follow the instructions.

Changing Domains for a SiteThat’s how easy it is to change a domain.

Now for some more details…

Things you should note

More Notes on the Domain

4 Responses
  • Carlos Antunez Reply

    This does not work form me. I try using a domain that I have register with winhost and it says: that Domain name is already hosted at Winhost.

    • Michael Reply

      Are you using the domain as a Domain Pointer on another site/account? If so you have to delete the pointer before the “change domain” tool will work.

  • Viktor Okeibuno Reply

    what is my winhost hosting account domain

    • Michael Reply

      The domain name you opened the account with.

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