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How to use SmarterMail to migrate your email messages to your new Winhost account


In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to migrate your email messages to Winhost using the SmarterMail’s Mailbox Migration tool.


Let’s Start

Log in to your SmarterMail interface via Control Panel.

You will need to use our mail server’s URL to access the email system since your domain name isn’t pointing to us yet.

How do I get my email system’s URL?

First log in to the Control Panel on Winhost.

Next you will see a link on the Email Manager page called SmarterMail Manager. Click on it and it will automatically log you into the SmarterMail interface. This step helps you complete two things:

After you’re done creating the email users using the postmaster email account, log out at the upper right hand corner and log back in with one of the email users you just created, one of the addresses whose mail you want to migrate.

Once logged in on SmarterMail with the new email user


This will pop up a new window for the Mailbox Migration.

As you can see you have different options to choose from but in this tutorial we’re going to use the option Other.


Remember that you will need to log out of SmarterMail and log back in with each user you wish to migrate. It would be very unfortunate to migrate all the email messages from all the email users on a single email account on SmarterMail. So please be careful when migrating and make sure you migrate the correct email messages to the correct user.

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