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iPhone Secure Email Setup

We support secure SSL/TLS connections to our email server. We’re going to show you how to setup a secure connection with your iPhone.

For the “Incoming mail server”, enter:

For the “Outgoing mail server (SMTP)”, enter:

You will get a certificate warning about the server identity. We installed an SSL certificate on our email server for the convenience and security of our customers. But the problem is that we can’t install a certificate for every customer domain on the server. Instead, we installed a certificate for * The iPhone will display the warning because of the domain name mismatch; you are trying to reach, but the SSL certificate was issued to * The certificate we installed is safe to use.

Your iPhone may set the default SMTP port to 25. Many internet service providers block port 25, so you should change the SMTP port to 587.

You’re all set! Now your iPhone now has secured, encrypted communication with our email server.

5 Responses
  • ANTHONY Reply

    When you say “” are we supposed to replace the “HostingAccountDomain” with our website domain name or keep it as you wrote it?

  • Ryan Reply

    You should replace it with your own domain name.

    • ANTHONY Reply

      Thank you Ryan. I did that and IOS put 993 in the incoming Server Port which I think is secure but should I change it to 587 anyway?

      • Ryan Reply

        The SMTP port should be 587.

        The IMAP, Incoming Settings, Server Port will default to 993, which is OK.

        • ANTHONY Reply


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