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Joomla Vulnerabilities


For those of you who use Joomla on your web site, here are some tips to maintain the security of your Joomla web application.

Every application is susceptible to exploit.  Therefore it is very important to maintain an updated application and install all the latest security patches.

This link will take you to the known vulnerabilities within Joomla.  It is a comprehensive list, so you should carefully read through it.  If you find that you meet any of these criteria, there should be a link next to the criteria to help you patch up the exploit.

To those who have already had their Joomla site hacked, try downloading a tool to help you clear your  site.  I found this web tool that will audit your site and clean up your files:

Now, from my experience the most common exploits to a web site start from the users own personal computer.  If your computer contracts a trojan or malware where a key logger is installed, your account login credentials will be recorded. No matter what security patches you have implemented in your web application, it will be compromised because an unauthorized party will have direct access to your web site.

You should always have an antivirus software installed on your computer and the latest updates installed.

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