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Looking for a customer-centric, independent, employee-owned host? Here we are.

insidewinhostDid you know that a single company owns more than 90 hosting company brands?

Most of them are linux hosts, but in the Windows hosting world they own Arvixe, HostGator, WebHost4Life, EasyCGI, ReadyHosting and a few others.

The corporation that owns all of these hosts is a publicly traded holdings company (NASDAQ: EIGI). Now, theoretically, a huge corporation could provide the world’s greatest hosting experience. After all, they have hundreds of millions of dollars to spend on infrastructure and staff. Theoretically.

That’s not the way it works though, at least not in the website hosting world. Which isn’t really surprising, since most publicly traded companies are primarily interested in one thing: making their investors happy. Which they do by maximizing profits, not necessarily by making customers happy.

Winhost is 100% employee owned and operated. We all work out of the same Los Angeles offices, including our technical support staff, many of whom have been here since day one. We show up every day because we love what we do: providing the best Windows server hosting available anywhere. We don’t answer to investors, we answer to our customers.

We’re not suggesting that all huge corporations are bad. But some of us have been in the web hosting industry for a long time, and have seen first hand how the quality of service and support typically decreases for the customer when their hosting company is gobbled up by the big fish in the pond. Sometimes dramatically so.

Which is a shame, since most of us only want a couple of simple things when it comes to our websites: reliability and a competent person to talk to when we have a problem.

If you miss “the old days” when you knew who your host was, we welcome you to join us here at the last of the independents: Winhost. Think of us as a lifeboat rowing away from a sinking ocean liner. Climb aboard. We always have room for one more.

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