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MS SQL 2012 is available now


Ready or not, here comes SQL 2012!

I know, you weren’t expecting us to roll it out so soon, were you? We’ve been busy prepping behind the scenes for the Microsoft release, and ensuring that we could offer it to you as soon as it was publicly available.

So you can log in to Control Panel and use SQL 2012 right now.

When you log in to the Site Tools section, the first thing you may notice is that the MS SQL 2008 section has been renamed MS SQL Manager.

Once you’re inside, you’ll see that when you create a new database, you now have the option to choose SQL 2012.

That’s all there is too it.

We’re happy to be able to make SQL 2012 available to you quickly. We’re working hard to make Winhost the only web host you’ll ever need.

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