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Multifactor Authentication for Control Panel

We added the option of enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to the Control Panel. Enabling 2FA will add an additional layer of security to your control panel access. You can enable 2FA in the Account and Billing section of your Control Panel. After the 2FA service is active, the next time you log into the Control Panel, you’ll get a text message sent to your phone with a verification code.

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PHP 8.x Now Available!

application installer update

PHP 8.0 and PHP 8.1 are now available on all Winhost Windows 2012+ servers.

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.NET Core Updates

application installer update

All Winhost Windows 2012+ servers now have the following .NET Core updates installed. Customers can use Framework-Dependent Deployment to deploy their web applications using these .NET Core versions.

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Introducing Private SQL Server Service

Today we announce the launch of a new Premium Private SQL Server solution! Private SQL is your own dedicated Microsoft SQL Virtual Server that is not shared with any other customer. Since your SQL databases reside on their own server, they will have access to all of the server resources, like CPU, RAM and disk space.

private dedicated sql server

But don’t your hosting plans already come with SQL databases?
Yes, all of our hosting plans include Shared SQL server databases. With Shared SQL, many customer databases use the resources of a shared SQL server. Therefore, there are constraints imposed so that all SQL databases on the server performs well for all our customers. And on occasion, there can be a case of a “bad neighbor”, where another customer’s database can use up a lot of server resources, slowing down the SQL performance for your database as well as other customer’s databases. Our staff monitors the Shared SQL Servers and we will work to resolve such performance issues as quickly as possible.

With the Private SQL service, these constraints go away and you don’t deal with any “bad neighbor” situation. For example, you can have a very large SQL database.

SQL Server Customization
Because the Private SQL Server is for just your SQL databases, we can offer server customizations that we can’t do for the Shared SQL servers. For example, we can enable SQL Jobs, SQL CLR, install special monitoring software, or setup custom backup services.

Private SQL Server Plans
There are two base Private SQL plans – one plan with 4 CPU Cores and one plan with 8 CPU Cores. The server disk space storage starts at 200 GB and can be expanded if needed. You can select how much RAM you want for your Private SQL Server starting from 2 GB. And finally, you can select the SQL Server version that you want to use.

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Spring App Installer Updates

application installer update

The latest version of these applications are now available in the control panel app installer:

ShoppingCart.NET and vevoCart were removed from the application installer because the project seems to be abandoned.

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nopCommerce 4.5 available in App Installer


The newly released nopCommerce v4.5 is now available in the WH Control Panel Application Installer.

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.NET 6 Hosting is here

Announcement hosting

Microsoft released .NET 6.0 last month. We are happy to announce that .NET 6 hosting is now available on our hosting platform. You can use Visual Studio 2022 to deploy your .NET 6 applications using framework-dependent deployment.

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Winter App Installer Updates


The latest version of these applications are now available in the control panel app installer:

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