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Fotoshop by Adobé

Photoshop is one of the most popular image tools and is my goto tool when I need to work on images. I was on the floor when I saw this:

Circle us in GooglePlus – a new social frontier

A lot of you have joined our circles on GooglePlus, and we’re excited about what we may be able to do over there. It might seem like overkill, what with Facebook, Twitter, the Winhost forum, this blog – now another spot to occupy?

The thing is, we enjoy connecting with you in all of these different areas. We’re always anxious to hear what everyone has to say and see what we can contribute.

We don’t have the star power of these guys, but we’re trying:

[Video deleted.]

How to get a dog – New Microsoft commercial

Some new Microsoft commercials coming our way. Should inspire all kids on how to convince the parents to get you a dog.

Hey mom, this iPad’s broken!

You knew it would happen. The young kids today will grow up in a world where touch devices are the norm.

Microsoft doesn’t seem to like Gmail too much

Here’s another funny Microsoft video – this one dissing Gmail:

VMlimited – Microsoft’s new ad campaign

Too funny. Just saw this new Microsoft ad campaign.

[Video deleted.]

Domain transfer videos


We’ve added some videos to our Knowledge Base that provide step-by-step instructions for preparing to move your domain names to Winhost. They cover the 10 most popular registrars, and you can find them here.

Here’s an example that shows you what you need to do to prepare a domain registered at GoDaddy for transfer: