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Deploying a web application at Winhost using Microsoft Expression Web Designer


It’s easy, it’s fast, what are you waiting for?expression web boxshot

  1. Open your web site on your local machine using Expression Web Designer.
  2. Click on “Publish Site.”
  3. In the “Remote Web Site Properties” window choose “FTP.”
  4. Enter your FTP address into “Remote Web Site Location.”
  5. Click “OK.”
  6. If this is your first time publishing your site, it is recommended that you choose “Synchronize.”
  7. Alternately you can click “Local to Remote” to upload your web site to the Winhost server.

Connecting to your Winhost server using Expression Web Designer

  1. Go to “File,” then “Open Site.”
  2. In the “Site Name” field enter your full FTP URL;
  3. Choose “Edit Live Web Site Now.”
  4. Enter your account username and password.

Note: Expression Web Designer uses the Internet Explorer engine to connect via FTP. To establish an FTP connection in Expression Web Designer you will need to go to Internet Explorer Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and ensure that “Use Passive FTP (for firewall and DSL compatibility)” is checked.

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