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How to enable CAPTCHA on your nopCommerce store


One of our nopCommerce hosting customers was getting major spam on their site so we suggested to add CAPTCHA and this helped get rid of the spam and their headaches. In this post, I’ll describe the steps to enable CAPTCHA on your nopCommerce store so you can stop or reduce spamming activities on your site.

CAPTCHA is a great way to prevent bots from running wild. The seemingly simple test can prove to be an difficult task for a computer program attempting to spam your site.

In this post, we are using nopCommerce 4.10.






**For testing I recommend NOT enabling “on login page” just yet.






***Note: Be sure to test it before checking the “Show on login page” – if done improperly you can end up getting locked out of your account.


I hope that this helps you prevent getting bombarded by spam.


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2 Responses
  • We Heal Computers Reply

    Does nopCommerce version 3.7 still use reCaptcha v1? I’ve enabled reCaptcha but the image is not showing so users cannot solve it. Is there a plugin for v3.7 for reCaptcha v2?

    • MichaelT Reply


      It appears that reCaptcha v2 was not supported until version 3.8. We can assist with the upgrade to a newer version if you open a support ticket.

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