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Opening a Support Ticket


Many people may not realize this, but there are a few things you can do to help yourself receive a timely resolution when asking for support here at Winhost.

1.    Open up a support ticket through the Winhost Support Portal at

Opening up a support ticket will authenticate your ticket and reduce the amount of time that it takes our support personnel to look up your information or verify that it is a legitimate support request.  We cannot provide account-related information unless a ticket is authenticated.  It also helps us keep a good ticket history and allows us to find more permanent solutions if there is a re-occurring problem.

2.    Be as specific as possible when you are trying to describe a problem.

If the issue you’re having is generating an error message, please provide it to us along with instructions on how to reproduce it, if possible.  If you have screen shots or logs that you think might be helpful, include them as attachments.

Example of a support ticket that is too generic:

“I am having problems with my email.”

Example of a support ticket that is more specific:

“I am having problems with my email account [email protected].  I am unable to send or receive messages using Microsoft Outlook.  I have also attached a screen shot of the error that Microsoft Outlook is generating.”

3.    Open a different support ticket for separate issues.

For example, if you are having a problem with your database and email, open a support ticket for each issue as they are often unrelated.  Please note that billing questions should be directed to our Billing Department and sales questions to our Sales Department.

By following these simple tips, your ticket will be routed correctly and resolved in a timely manner.

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  • Ruben E Dominguez Reply

    I’m trying to find the place to open a ticket and I don’t find the link. Please your company has to be more responsible and have a good customer support.

    • Michael Reply

      Ruben, you have to log in to the support portal to open a ticket. Look for the link in the upper right corner at

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