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Enabling/Disabling Email for a Site Account


You may be wondering, “Why is this feature even in Control Panel?”

There are two reasons we offer the ability to disable email:

1) It’s for customers who want to host their site with us but want another provider to host their email. This is useful in situations where a customer opens multiple site accounts and wants one of the site’s email delivered to an outside entity. Email is routed locally before it gets forwarded, so if the email service is active on Winhost, it will not get delivered to the other provider. By disabling the service, you will ensure that the email gets delivered correctly.

2) It’s for customers who do not want to use email services.

To disable the email service on Winhost, log into your Control Panel and click on the Sites tab.

Click on the Manage link for the Site you want to update and then click on the Email button.

Now select Disabled in the drop down list and click on the Update button.

A pop up box will appear asking you to confirm. Please note that if you choose to disable your email, it will delete all existing accounts and messages on the servers at Winhost.

The process is irreversible, and we cannot retrieve your account or messages once it has been disabled. You will need to recreate all the accounts again if you choose to re-enable your email services at Winhost.

Feature of the Week: Changing Domains for a Hosting Account


This is the first in a series of weekly posts covering Control Panel features and procedures.

Have you been using a domain for your site and it’s no longer working for you?

Don’t fret – you can change the domain for your site easily in the Winhost Control Panel.

To make the domain change, log into your Control Panel and hit the Sites Tab.

Site Manager Winhost Control PanelIf you are hosting several Basic/Max/Ultimate Sites with us, then you’ll get a list of your Sites. Click on the Manage link for the Site you want to make an update, otherwise you will be taken to your Site dashboard.

At the bottom of the left panel section you see a Change Domain button. Click that button and follow the instructions.

Changing Domains for a SiteThat’s how easy it is to change a domain.

Now for some more details…

Things you should note

More Notes on the Domain